Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UPXX - New Bad Things "Live at the X-Ray Cafe July 25, 1993"

Dr. Pepper
Knott St./Concrete
Clique Town
Amber Crush
I Suck
Darlene Nikki
Stupid Europe
Robin Hood
Whole Lotta Love / George is a Slut
Brian's Song

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Friday, January 28, 2011

UP101 - The International Velvet "Live on KAOS - Color Outside the Lines"

KAOS 89.3 FM - Community Radio: Olympia, Washington
1. Untitled
2. Quiet Riot Girl
3. Smithfield Days

Recorded live on air in 1993. 
The International Velvet was Stuart Murdoch (guitar, vocals) and Jeff Fuccillo (drums).

Download "Untitled" mp3 here
Download "Quiet Riot Girl" mp3 here
Download "Smithfield Days" mp3 here

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

UP40 - Truman's Water "Cough Forth Such Dilemas"

Side A:
Yikes! Emission        
Pitfull of House
An Enormous and Sad Lump
Replete with Cheapie (Parts 1 and 2)
Glutzon Boregum     
Enough Cutting Fistage
Rattle-Past Chock-Full
The Familiar Throes of a Wicked Bummer
Well-Aimed Harangue
The Big Ragoo
Beer-Tickle Klutski
Side B:
Samovar Speedtrap       
Nimble Goof-Cram      
Days Too Hot for Substantial Motion
Falling Tremengalo
Cough Forth Such Dilemas

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UP39 - Household Objects "Coffee vs. Prick Decay"

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UP38 - Inca Eyeball "Our Drummer Plays in the Nude"

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UP37 - Dogliveroil "s/t"

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UP36 - Incoming Stains "IS4"

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

UP32- Climax Golden Twins "Climax Golden Hiss"

Weather King
37 Seconds
What Was Pointless
Cowboy Nightmare
Climax Golden Twins vs. Otalgia

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

UP31 - Jackie-O Motherfucker "Alchemy...Shit to Gold"

introducing Jackie O
corner of the room
rauls unisex
randalls reprise
fishing...or...throw the soup down the hole
cupids lair
3 times
space suite
hills have eyes
tenderloin steaks & gravy
wings for hire
bald front tire

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Monday, August 30, 2010

UP27 - Help Me "Charter Issue: Here!"

To Back to Present (Radio Continuation)
Echo Wood Bangals
K-9 Cart Universe
Recorded Trio Summit
Condescending Irk's Pitt'*
Time Controlled Harmonic Fluctuations
Flambeau Cattery: 1. admiration 2. unification 3. attachment 4. worship
Linked Respiratory Pitched Tone
Stolen Craft Dry Reed
Pet Scopes
Solar Sipper

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

UP20 - Mark "Regressing"

Side A:
Pink Pages
Stringing You Along
Something Strage
Something About Red
Daytime Emmy
Picture Trouble

Side B:
Four Proposals
Beach - Store
Turning a Dissipated Song Out-of-Doors
The Unabashed Dictionary

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Friday, August 20, 2010

UP19 - Crank Sturgeon / Wham-O "split"

Side A: Crank Sturgeon
you see...i grope to an am shudder whereby the rainfall rubbed with autotyres becomes the troughs of static...lineated into currents and stripes of grey, needing a volume boost.

Side: Wham-O
So Stuck on One Particular Thing Coming True
Who's Blues?
Reynolds High School 'Circa '94
Hollowed Out
"Sound"/Feels So Good (Mangione) (Complete Version)

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UP18 - Irving Klaw Trio "s/t"

Side A:
170 Ways
Love = High
Earn It (ESG)
Lounge It
357 Magnum and the Damage Done
Worth It
Jeff Wakes His Dad?

Side B:
Keeping People Alive (Sonic Youth Cover)
American Tourist Pt. 1
(I've Got A) Ticket To Ride

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UP17 - Blowhole "Explicit Catharsis"

Side A:
Styrofoam Needle Sandwich

Side B:
People Must Eat
Explicit Catharsis

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UP16 - Tony Green Orchestra "Greatest Hits"

Side A:
I Didn't Love You Anyway
Josh Doe       Peter And Diane
It's Hard To Write A Love Song When You Don't Love Me       Jamocha Almond Fudge
Why Don't You Love Me Like You Never Did       Muscle Man
I Think I Like It Better When We're Together

Side B:
It's Christmas Eve And She's Tired Of Me       Brian's Song
Pay Attention To Me       Harry Flavel
Should I Call You, "Daddy," Doctor?
Two Women On My Hands
Andy's Maggot

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UP15 - The Conniptions "Pistol Whipped"

Born Bad
Let's Get Funky (Make It Groovy)
Part Time Mamma Full Time Woman
Go Tell It On The Mountain
These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
Honky Tonk
Disco Junkie
House Of Thrills
Mother Of Pearl
The Messhall (Baby)
Pistol Whipped

Download Side A/B (same program) mp3 Here

Monday, August 16, 2010

UP14 - Azalia Snail "Teenage Bedroom Tapes"

Side A:
The River Mortis
Deep Trouble
The Nothing Dawned
Never Knew A Hi Could Be So Scary
Won't Be Here Again
A Kashmir Cloud

Side B:
Then Again
Strawberry Sunday
Old Toys
Coming In For The Landing
Mating Seasoning
Teenage Bedroom

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UP13A / UP13B - Various Artists "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere"

PAN-AM I Love Refrigerator
LESLIE-Q Vitamin C

KARP Flour Puss (Live)

FURNITURE HUSCHLE I've Often Thought About Your Remaining Eye
HELP ME Stack Of Cats With Human Lips

PASTE Telescopes
NOGGIN I'm Gonna Untie Your Shoe Laces
THE TEAMSTERS The Mombo Kings Take The Mic Again

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Friday, August 13, 2010

UP11 - Wallpaper "Domestic Landscape Activities"

A Welcome     Television
2 Much Tyme 'N' Th' Sun     Nesting
Magic And Spooky (The Witch)  
Senses     Shifting  
Ramblin W' Jackson
Rapid Transportation  
Pedestrian Drama     Bored    
All You Want     Preacher Says  
The Gravity King     Moving Forward
Gravitron     Creative Process '78  
Bermuda Jack's Last Stand     Dead  
Montana     Hollow     Seeds
Nuclear Family Nr.     Plain
Freeway To The Stars  
An American Trailer Park
Lil' Pink Sunflower     Han Solo
Grazin' County     Shady

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

UP09 - Jarvik VII / Bone Cure (split)

Side A: Jarvik VII 
Real Time
Low Back End
Nobody Saw That One Coming
Tons Of Goodies

Side B: Bone Cure
Banished From Dansville
Will You Hold My Hand?
Shirt And Tie Loser

Download Side A and B mp3s Here

UP08 - Help Me "Strobe Photos of a Falling Cat"

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Friday, August 6, 2010

UP07 - Wham-O "Confused Over Expressions and Impressions"

There & Back In 20
Over Extended
All My Ideas Are Stolen Vol. I: Loren Mazzacane
Alpha Desperation March
Death Race - 2000
Little Rootie Tootie (Monk)
Josh Has A Crush On A Femme From Reed
American Tourist 1 & 2
Here Is Where
Sambo Groove #1
In A Crowd Of 3
Failing At The Point (Live)
Winnie Cooper
Not Now-Right Now

Download Side A and B mp3s Here

Thursday, August 5, 2010

UP06 - Irving Klaw Trio "King of Pin-ups"

Side A: 
Intro, Piano Keys for a Staircase
La Pelota de 8
Baby Blue Dodge Dart
Blow Smoke!
Bright Moments...

Side B:
Love Sexy J.J.
Three Neils
Baby, You Rock my Soul
American Tourist 1 & 2 (pounding pavement)
Passion Woman, Orange #5
Ivory Stock

Download Side A and B mp3s Here

UP05 - Noggin "Honesty Hope Notions Lotions"

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