Tuesday, September 7, 2010

UP40 - Truman's Water "Cough Forth Such Dilemas"

Side A:
Yikes! Emission        
Pitfull of House
An Enormous and Sad Lump
Replete with Cheapie (Parts 1 and 2)
Glutzon Boregum     
Enough Cutting Fistage
Rattle-Past Chock-Full
The Familiar Throes of a Wicked Bummer
Well-Aimed Harangue
The Big Ragoo
Beer-Tickle Klutski
Side B:
Samovar Speedtrap       
Nimble Goof-Cram      
Days Too Hot for Substantial Motion
Falling Tremengalo
Cough Forth Such Dilemas

Download Side A mp3
Download Side B mp3

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